Brookfield Root Canal

Brookfield Root Canal

Caring for your teeth is one of the most important things you can do for your health. When you suffer from a toothache it is definitely time to visit the dentist. Whether you have a simple cavity or a more serious dental problem, a dentist will be able to quickly resolve your problem. In some cases you may require a Brookfield root canal. A root canal sounds more terrifying than it is. Root canal treatment is necessary in cases where decay has reached deep into the root of the tooth.

How a Brookfield Root Canal Is Completed

The first step in caring for a decayed tooth is to get an examination and x-rays. The dentist will examine your mouth and specifically the tooth that is causing you immediate pain or discomfort. An x-ray will usually help the dentist determine the extent of damage and what type of treatment is needed.

A Brookfield root canal can be needed in some cases. If so, the dentist can immediately begin work that will alleviate the pain and begin to resolve your dental problem. All the work will be completed without any pain whatsoever. If you choose, you can have local anesthetic or you may prefer to schedule sedation dentistry.

The dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and the root. A root canal may require several visits. However, it is important to note that after your first treatment you should no longer suffer any pain from the tooth. Once the root is removed a post will be installed in its place and then a crown will be created to restore the tooth to its original beauty and strength.

What to Expect After a Root Canal

Following a Brookfield root canal you can expect some slight discomfort for the first day or so. The pain should be minimal and the source of the pain has been removed so there is no need to worry about infection. The dentist may provide you with a prescription for pain relievers but many patients can simply take some over the counter pain medication. There could be some slight swelling which will subside shortly.

After the first day or so you should be feeling back to normal. The dentist will have packed the tooth with a temporary filling so you will be able to eat and drink. However, you should be careful when eating to make sure that you don’t loosen the temporary filling if you have one. Once any sign of infection is gone the dentist will complete the work and your tooth will be fully restored. In fact, it will probably be difficult for anyone to tell that you had work done on your tooth.

Help from a Compassionate Dentist

Dental work is often difficult for patients, just because of fear of the unknown. Your dentist understands how frightening it can be and will do everything possible to make the experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible. Contact Blake Family Dentistry to learn more about our dental services and to schedule an appointment.

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