Convenient Family Dentistry

Convenient Family Dentistry

Convenient family dentistry provides care for everyone under a single roof. Dealing with the complications of aging and helping children become acquainted with proper care are extremely different tasks. Christopher Blake and his team of experts offer a wide array of services for the busy family and professional.

How often do my children or I need to visit the dentist?

The Mayo clinic recommends visiting the dentist every six months. This frequency does not change for youth. Instead, more visits are required for the elderly who are at a higher risk of experience decay, disease, and complications.

Higher risk populations require more frequent care. Smokers, users of chewing tobacco, and people predisposed to gum disease and tooth decay should schedule more checkups than others.

Dentists provide services well beyond simple cleaning and cavity filling. Restorative, cosmetic, and a variety of treatments ensure proper health. A doctor of dentistry is trained to screen for and even treat oral cancer, perform wisdom teeth removal, and help with TMD or TMJ issues.

For children, the local dentist teaches proper brushing and flossing. They also ensure that your children are taking appropriate actions while monitoring growth. If your dentist spots improper formation of adult teeth, they can recommend an orthodontist.

Our office helps young and old alike. We provide dentures for the aging, smile analysis for those looking for their first job or a bump up the ladder, and whitening and maintenance for everyone.

What can I do if I experience dental anxiety?

Many people experience fear when visiting the dentist. Between nine and 20 percent of Americans show visible signs of anxiety regarding dental procedures.

Dentists strive to provide procedures at your level of comfort. Many offer sedation to ease fears of invasive or non-invasive procedures. This service may not be available for children but offers adults peace of mind.

Our office goes a step beyond the use of chemicals. Massage chairs and DVD viewing relax and distract customers while we work on your mouth.

Dental care is essential to longevity. Infections, abnormal tooth formation, and oral cancer have significant impacts on nutrition and well-being.

Issues related to mouth health were significant enough fifty years ago for the United States Army to take note. Military studies launched a series of campaigns and actions attempting to improve our basic toothcare. This resulted in a drastic decline in cases of life-altering issues such as infection and disease.

Christopher Blake and his team strive to provide comfort and convenience. Our multitude of services targets the entire family. We are located at the corner of Calhoun and North Avenue in Brookfield, WI. Since graduating from the Marquette University School of Dentistry, Doctor Blake strived to obtain certifications in sedation and advanced training from associations such as the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Convenient family dentistry is our mission. We offer services for the young and old that maintain and promote dental health. Contact us today or schedule an appointment to ensure the beauty of your smile.

Convenient Family Dentistry
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