Family Dentist Brookfield

Family Dentist Brookfield

Proper tooth care is critical for children. Finding a family dentist in Brookfield is essential. The Blake family has conveniently served the area since 200, offering a stress-free environment for everyone.

How often do I need to visit the dentist?

Fifty years ago, the United States military found that American’s suffered from many dental issues. Cavities, gum disease, and tooth rot were rampant among new entrants. Since then, proper and consistent health care vastly improved our health.

Experts recommend visiting a dentist at least twice each year. Higher risk groups need more frequent checkups to ensure proper health. This group includes smokers, pregnant women, people with diabetes, and people with issues.

The frequency of visits does not change much for your children. Unless they are prone to bad habits or predisposed to disease, children should visit the dentist every six months. Frequency also builds up a level of comfort with your care provider while ensuring that the adult teeth growing underneath baby teeth grow appropriately.

This schedule changes as we get older or when we experience high levels of stress. The dentist helps to fight infection and treat changes in your mouth.

What dental services improve my health?

Thorough cleaning and a bi-annual checkup improve dental help immensely. Dentists train for years to take care of your health. They can spot issues early before they become painful.

Services extend far beyond preventative maintenance and cavity filling. Many dentists operate on early-stage oral cancer. Dentists are a key component in maintaining health and well-being, especially among those who smoke or are prone to gum disease.

For children, dentists ensure that teeth develop correctly. They demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques and can help recommend an orthodontist.

Am I experiencing a dental emergency?

At times, dental emergencies require a hospital visit. Some forms of pain relate directly to fractures, dislocations, severe cuts, and infections. These problems need an emergency room visit.

Other issues are less life-threatening, needing intermediate care. Dentists handle problems mainly in this realm. Cracked, broken, or lost teeth not resulting in excess bleeding are treatable at a dental office.

Sensitivity resulting from a decayed tooth does not signal a serious problem either. The trigger for this pain is typically decay, loose fillings, and gum recession. Brushing teeth correctly often alleviates these symptoms.

What can I do if I am afraid to visit the dentist?

As many as nine and 20 percent of Americans suffer from dental anxiety. Some dentists provide treatments under sedation. This allows you to receive care without experiencing significant levels of distress.

Christopher Blake provides a relaxing environment with massage chairs, DVD viewing, and sedation. This last option may not be available for children. Our skills and technology allow us to offer a wide array of treatment options under a single roof on the corner of Calhoun and North Avenue.

We understand the needs of your entire family. If you are looking for a family dentist in Brookfield, our office always welcomes new patients. Contact us or request an appointment online today.

Family Dentist Brookfield
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