How A Childhood Experience Led Me To Be A Brookfield Dentist

Dr. Blake

When I was a young rascal – only 11 years old – my two adult front teeth were impacted underneath bone and gum. In other words, they couldn’t emerge properly, leaving a big gap in my maturing smile. 

The effects were devastating… As the new kid entering different schools, I was bullied all the time and I avoided smiling at all costs. Being treated differently hurt a lot, but there was an end in sight. 

After the years of ridicule, at age 13, I was lucky to become the patient of an oral surgeon who removed the gum and bone to reveal those teeth to the world! 

But as excited as I was … up came a roadblock. My visible two front teeth were crossed and crooked, and once again, I was worried about how I would face my peers. 

Lucky for me … I was able to see a prominent orthodontist – at the time, fresh out of school – who aligned my teeth and set my smile free! 

Little did I know – in that very moment – this experience would spark something in me, opening up the door to a future in dentistry. It made such a difference in my life … I will forever be indebted to the dental professionals who not only restored my smile and confidence, but helped me realize my purpose.

 I earned the necessary credentials and made it my goal to help many others gain back a part of themselves that’s been missing. And just as important… I want all my patients to have a healthy smile that allows them to eat properly and that promotes good oral hygiene. Because of this, I promise to take the time to properly educate you about what to do and not to do to protect your newfound smile – for many years to come! 

If you’d like to learn more about my education and healthcare philosophy, just head over to our “About Us” page. And if you’re experiencing any of the same issues I did (or others!), don’t hesitate to get in touch today for attentive dental care! 

I want to help you feel good about what you see in the mirror and what you feel in your heart. 

– Dr. Christopher Blake