Wisdom Teeth Removal Brookfield

Wisdom Teeth Removal Brookfield

Some teeth pose problems. If you are looking for wisdom teeth removal in Brookfield, Christopher Blake and his team of experienced dental professionals can help.

When do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth can impact your mouth health. These teeth often grow in incorrectly or never breach the gum. This poses significant issues for infection and cracking.

These teeth are the last to erupt in the mouth. They do so between the ages of 17 and 25. For some these molars come in without a problem. However, many adults experience growth at an angle or have a tooth that is trapped in the jawbone.

Issues related to an improper eruption include pain, infection, gum disease, development of cysts, decay, and cracking. Removal prevents existing and future problems.

Surgery is required to extract wisdom teeth. Younger adults experience much fewer complications than older people. The earlier issues are handled, the better your mouth will feel.

Extraction takes only a few hours, and recovery often requires less than a day or two. It is unnecessary to take extensive time off from school or work to ensure vitality. Instead, removal is usually an outpatient procedure where you begin recovery at home the same day.

Are there any risks in wisdom teeth surgery?

Issues are infrequent. However, surgery may result in several problems. This includes bone exposure, infection from trapped food, and damage to the area surrounding the wisdom teeth.

Finding a qualified dentist is a crucial first step to assuring that your procedure completes without any excess pain or injury. Our professionals are trained and provided with the best technology. They understand how to perform wisdom tooth without impacting the surrounding area.

What can I do if I am afraid to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Many dentists offer sedation and almost all provide local anesthesia. In special situations, general anesthesia is applied. Pain management is a critical part of this outpatient surgery.

Complications generally last for no more than a single day. Once your incision starts to heal, discomfort generally dissipates. With the potential complications related to allowing wisdom teeth to grow incorrectly, this small amount of pain is insignificant.

Our practice goes one step further in assuring comfort. Beyond sedation, we offer massage chairs, and DVD viewing while our experts operate. These distractions allow you to forget what your practitioner is doing in your mouth. We take great pains to provide the most positive experience possible while ensuring long-lasting health.

Wisdom teeth removal in Brookfield is crucial to living a long and healthy life. Conveniently located at the corner of Calhoun and North Avenue, we strive to provide the highest quality service while considering the comfort levels of our customers. Our offices are clean and always ready to accept new patients.

If you are looking to take care of problematic wisdom teeth, contact Christopher Blake and his team of highly trained professionals today. We accept new appointments online as well.



Wisdom Teeth Removal Brookfield
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